How to Support Us


The Portland Metro Concert Band (“PMCB”) is a not-for-profit organization consisting of more than 55 players. Participation in PMCB is on a volunteer basis – there are no salaries paid to the musicians. They cover all of their own expenses – travel, maintenance of instruments and, of course, time invested. Additionally, several members act as board members, maintain the music library, perform chores during weekly rehearsals and concerts, and manage financial matters. The Music Director/Conductor position is also a non-salaried position. During formal concerts, all refreshments are provided by the musicians themselves.

The band incurs regular operating expenses throughout the year which are rather substantial and unavoidable. Logistics for the operation of a group of this size are significant issues to deal with! Some of the major costs include monthly rental of rehearsal space & storage of equipment, rental costs for performance spaces, the purchase of sheet music (yes, this music is copyrighted – and must be paid for), insurance, advertising, website and performance program printing.

PMCB relies upon contributions from you, as a community member, for support. Concerts are always free to the public, but donations and contributions are very welcome and quite necessary. The band also applies for and receives occasional grants in small amounts to partially defray operating expenses. Over the years your contributions have allowed us to provide quality live music to Portland area residents. Won’t you consider donating to Portland Metro Concert Band? We thank you for your support!


The group’s philosophy, taken from its 2013 Bylaws, follows:

The Portland Metro Concert Band is committed to community service through giving public performances to the community and providing rehearsal and performance opportunities for local musicians. The band values the community in which it serves, providing both entertainment and enlightenment through quality musical performances and the rendition of great musical literature. The band believes in supporting longtime musicians, as well as in nurturing the re-identification and restoration of dormant musical talents.


A PayPal link is located in the upper right of each of our pages for your use in online donations. You may also donate cash at concerts using the containers provided, or leave checks for us there or send them by mail to:

   PMCB Secretary/Treasurer
   18005 SE Mill Ct
   Portland, OR 97233-5170

All donations are greatly appreciated and are tax deductible. We look forward to seeing you at our next concert!


PMCB is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization under the name “Portland Metro Band”. Our federal tax ID number is 20-2599300.