Current openings are still in flux.  If you are interested in joining the band in any capacity, please go to our Contact page and choose Membership in the Band

How to Join

Membership is open to adults 18 and older living in the greater Portland, Oregon area. Prospective members will be asked to sit in and play in their respective section of the band for several rehearsals prior to a decision being made on full membership. Each member is expected to bring their own heavy duty black stand, such as one made by Manhasset to each rehearsal, back and forth to every rehearsal.

If you are interested in any openings or have further questions, please Contact us.  Thanks!

Rehearsal Times

Rehearsals are held on Monday nights at Gethsemane Lutheran Church, located at 11560 SE Market Street, Portland, OR 97216 (corner of SE 117th & Market). They start at 7:15 PM and end at 9:15 PM. Each year the group starts practicing on the Monday after Labor Day and continues through the end of May (sometimes into early June) before taking a break for the summer. Please be sure that your schedule permits you to attend all rehearsals before applying for membership.

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