All of the bandleaders have brought with them a wealth of mixed musical experiences and contributed to growth of the ensemble:

1992 – The founding co-directors were Fev Pratt (deceased) and Jay Burchak

2009 – Jack Mahoney replaced Mr. Pratt in the co-director’s spot with Mr. Burchak

2014 – Dr. Roger Nickerson was chosen to succeed Mr. Mahoney upon his retirement

2016 –  Mr. Burchak retired from directing. The band was under the sole leadership of Dr. Nickerson until his retirement in June 2017

2017 – The band welcomed Glenn Taylor as its new Musical Director and Eben Fernando Heldreth as its Assistant Musical Director

2018 – With Mr. Heldreth’s move to a new job, Curt Ryan Cassingham moved into the role of Assistant Musical Director

2023 – With Mr Taylor’s death, Mr Cassingham moved into the role of Acting Musical Director

2023 – Jacob Brown is chosen to succeed Mr Taylor, and Mr Cassingham returned to the role of Assistant Musical Director


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